Interactive Map of Gibraltar

Welcome to the revised Interactive Map of Gibraltar.

This current version features the highest resolution to date and is completely up to date (with effect of March 2007). 

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Click on the map to see detail of the area you are interested.

Before you continue, you must enable scripting and cookies to work on your browser, otherwise the map will not work.  Tested on IE7 at a resolution of 1024*768. Let me know if you have issues on other browsers or versions (

The Map is now accompanied by a searchable Wiki encyclopaedia which you can add and edit.  This includes the ability to add you own photographs.  To see information on an area of interest, just enter some text in the search box once you are in the detailed map section and click the SEARCH button.  If you do not agree with the results or have more accurate information, then please update it!

Build 1 December 2010: Updates:

A good number of amendments to tiles made:  The Anchorage, Sails Development, Trade Winds, Ocean Village, Leisure Island, The Island developments now appear on the map.  Some more to come soon!

 Credits : Kelly Federico for most of the text that appears on the Wiki Pages.  Joe Zammit for most of the scripting and programming that makes this site function.