History of the Late Siege of Gibraltar 

by John Drinkwater

Book Cover

This web-site represents a work of love for me.  I grew up with a mouldy edition of the first edition sitting at home, it's provenance unknown.  I used to thumb through the pages, covered in dark marks and stains from years of being unkept, always fearful of tearing a page as I turned to read the next exciting chapter of my history.

As technology progressed I carefully scanned each and every page and attempted to get each page recognised by computer software.  The stains and condition of the book made this a very difficult task.  Google books then came up with a great scanned copy and it is that copy which enabled me to create this web-site in HTML rather than a PDF version. (You may read a copy of the scanned book from here)

I hope you enjoy browsing Gibraltar's history as much as I have in the past, now without fear of breaking a page as you turn.

Navigation is simple.  Click on the image of the Depression Carriage pointing to the left takes you back, the one pointing to the right takes you onto the next Chapter whilst clicking on the book cover takes you the contents page.

David M Parody

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